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Choosing the Right Hydroponics Equipment PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Getting down with nature no longer means getting down and dirty.  With modern hydroponics equipment, you can easily grow fresh produce inside your home, all year long.  The key to setting up a successful indoor gardening system is choosing the right hydroponics equipment.

The word "hydroponics" was derived from the Greek word "hydro", which means "water," and "ponos", meaning, "labor."  This gardening technique involves growing plants in such a way that their roots are able to take nutrients from the water, rather than from soil.

Hydroponics gardening is as simple as growing produce the traditional way, in a soil garden.  Plants require the same essential nutrients to stay healthy, whether they are grown traditionally or with hydroponics.  These essential elements are light, water, temperature, and nutrients, and choosing the right hydroponics equipment will deliver them easily and efficiently.

The Internet offers a wealth of options to help you compare, choose and purchase the required equipment and supplies to build your own indoor garden.  Here is a selection of online resources to help you find everything you need:


Horizen Hydroponics is a year-round garden center based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This hydroponics equipment shop offers complete hydroponics systems, as well as plant grow lights, digital electronic ballasts, hydroponics supplies and indoor gardening controls.  You can purchase all of this equipment through their website, hhydro.com, as well as traditional gardening equipment, flower fertilizers and organic fertilizers.

Horizen Hydroponics caters to all sorts of clients, from hobby gardeners to commercial farmers. Their current product listing includes SaferGro Phosgard Pint and Botanicare Power Flower 2.5 Gallon, which are both popular nutrient solutions for use in hydroponics systems.  You'll also find a complete line of hydroponics equipment including the iGSL iLS120-ON 120V On Switcher, a device used to regulate the operation of your hydroponics system power circuits.


Like the name suggests, hydroponicequipment.com is a great resource for indoor gardening systems, equipment and devices. This online market offers plant nutrients, grow lights, hydroponics systems, environmental controls, soil and soil less media, light movers, greenhouses and more.  You can also find everything you need to maintain your indoor garden, including literature, odor control products and devices for testing and measuring.   

From the store in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado, Hydroponic Equipment has been serving the hydroponics market for over seven years.  Their current product listing includes popular hydroponics choices including Blue Air Big Blue, an aeration device with ozonator capabilities to control odor. These ozonators are designed to work with your existing exhaust fan, thereby maximizing their capability per watt of electricity consumed. Visit the Hydroponic Equipment website for this clever gadget, and other hydroponics equipment.


When it comes to plant grow lights and reflectors designed specifically for indoor gardening systems, Greentrees Hydroponics at hydroponics.net is one of the best.  They specialize in reflectors and grow lights, but offer a complete selection of other types of indoor gardening equipment.  

Visit hydroponics.net to see their comprehensive product list including:
* Ballasts, reflectors, and bulbs
* Hydroponic systems
* Nutrients
* Nutrient enhancers
* Propagation and cloning
* Growing media
* Fungicides
* pH and TDS
* Pumps
* Pots
* Tubing and fittings
* Insect Control


With outlets in Athens, Atlanta and College Park, Atlantis Hydroponics offers hundreds of products for both hydroponics enthusiasts and traditional soil gardeners.  The company opened its first location in 1998 in Athens, Georgia, and has grown to become the choice of all types of gardeners.

Their vast product line includes hydroponics equipment and complete systems, as well as accessories, environmental controls, testing equipment and organic fertilizers. They also sell stimulants and additives, fertilizers, rooting hormones and solutions, pest control products and grow media.  If you're looking for information on soil or soil less gardening, Atlantis Hydroponics also offers books and magazines, complete hydro growing kits, and even science fair kits.  Browse online at atlantishydroponics.com for lighting equipment, pump and aeration devices, tools, irrigation supplies and foliar spray for your indoor or outdoor home garden.

If you're interested in building and maintaining an indoor garden, there is a world of information available on the Internet.  Try these websites and you'll find that choosing the right hydroponics equipment is as easy as growing great produce without getting your hands dirty.

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