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Fun Baby-Shower Games PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Spice up your baby shower with some fun baby-themed games! A few games can make the celebration you throw for your baby fun and exciting. Games add a little zip to any gathering, and they help the attendees to get acquainted and feel at ease with each other. Some baby showers can be, well, a bit on the dull side.  To avoid that, here are a few examples of baby shower games you can play:


Have your guests pick out two names for the baby. Ask them each to write the names they picked on a piece of paper (and tell them not to tell anyone else what the names are). Then tell them to try to come up with as many words possible using just the letters from those two names. Words should be of three letters or more in length. They need to come up with as many words from these potential baby names as possible. Give the guests a few minutes of time to complete this task.

When the time is up, have each guest read only the words they came up with -- not the name, and see if all the other guests can figure out what names she wrote down.

Example: Ant - hint - mint - minty – lint
Answer: Michael and Anthony


Put a several cotton balls in a big bowl and place an empty bowl in front of it. One at a time, players should try to transfer the cotton balls from one bowl to the other, using a spoon, while blindfolded. Cotton balls are light, so it's really hard to gauge how many balls you are scooping up with the spoon. The winner of the game is the player that is able to transfer the most cotton balls to the other bowl within thirty seconds.


Half-way fill a bowl with plain, uncooked rice, then mix in some closed safety pins. Blindfold the players and have them, one at a time, use one hand to take as many safety pins out of the bowl as possible. The person who gets the most pins in 30 seconds is the winner. This may sound simple, but in reality the safety pins feel a lot like the rice.


Have your guests bring pictures of themselves as a baby to the baby shower. Be very careful with these photos as they are important keepsakes. Lay each of these photos next to a number. Give each guest a list of the names of all the other guests and see if they can match the number of each photo to the right guests.

These games are only a few of the dozens of games you can play during a baby shower. These games are great for fostering friendships and making your baby shower a lot more fun and memorable.
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