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Goodnight Bed Bug Bite PDF  | Print |  E-mail
There are lots of things that can give you the creeps at night.  A howling wind outside your window, a creaking closet door, or a grinning clown puppet perched on the bed stand.  But perhaps the creepiest of all is a mattress crawling with bed bugs.  

Bed bugs are creepy; that's for sure.  These wingless little critters thrive in the dark corners and tiny holes and crevices in your room.  Bed bugs are so tiny, their appearance alone is not enough to frighten you or even turn you off.  If seen by the naked eye, bed bugs appear as no more than tiny spots.  You'd need to study them closely to even notice that they're slowly moving and crawling around.

So, how do you know if you're sharing a bed with bugs?  There are a number of signs and indications that will suggest or confirm your suspicion that there are bed bugs in your place:

* In general, be on the lookout for any sign of tiny, wingless creatures that creep and crawl across your bed, the floor, the walls or the ceiling.  

* Spot the red spots.  Bed bugs feed on their hosts by piercing through the victims' skin and sucking the blood.  Bed bugs come out at night like miniscule vampires, feeding on blood to be able to survive.

What goes in must come out, which is why bed bug excrement is also red in color. If you notice tiny red dots in your room, it may be bed bug feces or urine.  These spots are red or dark red in color and have a foul smell.

* Waking up in the morning with swollen, red spots all over your body is another sure sign that there are bugs in your bed.  Like mosquitoes, bed bugs leave bites that are itchy and very uncomfortable.

*  Virtually every room offers the perfect living and breeding environment for bed bugs.  If there are small holes, crevices and cracks in your furniture, floor, walls and ceiling, you are at risk of housing bed bugs.

Putting the Boot to Your Bugs

This is war, and anything goes.  By the time it's all over, you'll feel as though you've been to hell and back, just to return your home to its former peaceful state.  

After confirming the presence of bed bugs in your room or bed, you need to determine a plan of attack. Prepare yourself; getting rid of bed bugs is definitely a hard and demanding task.  It's a big job that requires your utmost attention, and demands more than a little cash.  

Once you have a concrete and definite strategy in place, it's time to arm yourself for combat.  There are a number of potent pesticides and insecticides on the market that are specially designed and formulated to eradicate bed bugs. Insecticides and pesticides can be purchased without a prescription, and are available at most hardware and department stores, as well as through pest control centers.  It's easy to buy pesticides.  Almost too easy.  There are serious dangers involved with the use of these products.

All chemically based pesticides and insecticides are harsh and poisonous.  Those that come in the form of sprays and aerosols are particularly dangerous.   Many of these products can pose imminent danger to humans and pets when inhaled.  Insects are incredibly resilient to the chemicals used in pesticides and insecticides, so manufacturers have increased the levels of these potent chemicals, making their products even more dangerous you and your family.

The cost and ease of purchasing commercial insecticides and pesticides is tempting, but because of the dangers involved it's advisable to take the safer route and call a professional pest control expert.  Getting rid of bed bugs is a very tedious and risky task that's best left to people who are experienced and able to finish the job completely.  Pest control experts and companies have invested in knowledge, training and equipment that will ensure the success of every job they take on.  

If you live in an apartment complex, you may be bound by local or civil laws to call in these experts regularly, in order to control every sort of pest and keep your building insect-free.  When the process of getting rid of bed bugs is underway, you should notify and inform all individuals who can be potentially affected, like your family, your roommates, boarders, tenants and closest neighbors.

If bed bugs are giving you the creeps, take the time to solve the problem effectively, practically and safely.
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