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Wedding Poetry PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Image Poetry is the language of love. For centuries, poems have expressed intimate feelings and emotions, and have been used to record significant thoughts and events in an artistic form. Naturally, a wedding ceremony is the perfect forum for a heartfelt poetry reading.

Wedding poetry is a lovely gift for the bride and groom when it is composed and be read by a close friend or a member of the family. If you would like to offer this personal gift but are not a poet at heart, you can turn to a professional wedding writer to create a composition. Readings of poetry by literary greats like Keats or Wordsworth, or even beautiful song lyrics can also bring an element of romance and beauty to the ceremony or reception. If it is decided that the task of writing the wedding poem will be delegated to an experienced professional, the bride and groom or a family member should choose the composer carefully and coordinate with the writer as often as possible.

Before choosing the poet to compose your piece, consider what style of poetry you desire. An elegantly written poem is best for a traditional or formal wedding. Poetry with a touch of humour can bring fun to a more casual ceremony or reception.

Once you've decided what you need, it's time to start looking for someone to write the poem. Ask friends, family or contacts in the wedding service industry. A wedding consultant or coordinator, the manager of the reception site and even the person officiating the marriage can offer suggestions. You can also search online for poetry writers and vendors.

Before hiring a composer, be sure ask for sample works and suggestions to enhance your ideas. Also, check if the wedding poet can work within your given budget. Wedding poems can cost $100 or more, depending on the length of the poem and the experience of the poet.

The poet should not begin composing the piece until the locations for the wedding and reception have been confirmed. Including references to the site details will bring a more personal element to the poem, so this information should be supplied to the wedding poem composer as soon as possible. It is important to confirm specific wedding rites before proceeding with your plans. Some religious institutions do not allow alterations to the wedding ceremony, such as personally written vows or poetry readings. In this case, the poetry reading should be performed during the reception. The wedding poem must represent the personalities and beliefs of the bride and the groom. If the wedding has a theme, the poem can include those style elements. If the ceremony is to be longer than two hours, do not choose a lengthy poem. Decide whether music will be played while the reading takes place.

Don't expect the poet to include every detail into the finished piece, but feel free to provide as many points as possible. Pass along as much information as you can, including the couple's beliefs and interests, the type of ceremony, locations of the ceremony and reception, number of guests and wedding theme. Share a little background information on the person who will be perform the poetry reading. Include a few personal details about the couple or circumstances leading to their union, to allow the composer to make the poem as unique as possible.

Be sure to ask for a rough draft of the wedding poem well before the ceremony takes place, so that you can be sure that it will be appropriate for the wedding. Begin working with your composer as soon as the wedding is taking shape. It is best to allow a full year when composing the wedding poem. In doing so, there will be time to allow for edits to the poem if details and circumstances change.

The wedding poem may be printed in the program, and a copy should be given to the couple as a keepsake. A beautifully written poem will become a treasured memento for the bridal couple. For this reason, careful thought must be given when choosing or composing the poem, or when selecting the wedding poem writer.

Planning a wedding involves so much work and so many details, it's easy to lose sight of the most important element: the romance. Your gift of a personal poetry reading will enhance the beauty of the day, and highlight the love that has brought the couple together.
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